Transforming Vision into Value

Infrastructure Projects, Regulatory and Policy

Infrastructure is a thrust area in India today. However, unlike other sectors, wherein market forces alone are enough for development, infrastructure sectors need much regulatory clarity and frameworks for both private and public investments. Projects in the sector typically involve many partners with the state playing a crucial role. As such appropriate contractual arrangements, credit enhancement and other forms of financial support from the state, and non-distortionary subsidies became crucial to the growth of infrastructure. With the increasing role of the private sector, the need for appropriate forms of public private partnerships and especially private finance initiatives cannot be overemphasized. Similarly, appropriate regulatory modes and market creating efforts are necessary in many sectors.

Our team provides a cutting edge approach in the sector.

  • Representing clients in various proceedings before the regulatory authorities on diverse issues relating to Energy Sector (Electricity/ Power, Oil and Gas), Telecommunications & Broadcasting;
  • Drafting of project agreements such as fuel supply agreement, power purchase agreement, engineering, procurement and construction contracts, operation and maintenance agreements etc.;
  • Providing strategic advice to clients on setting up power projects (renewable and non-renewable);
  • Advising on legislative policies and regulatory framework at the Central & State level in energy and oil and gas sector;

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