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Regulatory Issues In Power Sector , Telecommunication And Broadcasting

*Representing/advising Generating Companies, Trading Companies, Transmission Companies and Distribution Companies/SEBIs and Electricity Regulatory Commissions before various sectoral regulatory authorities and Courts;

* Representing and advising various Generating Companies, Transmission Companies and Distribution Companies/SEBIs, Power Trading Companies and Electricity Regulatory Commissions on a wide range of issues, including approval for Power Procurement etc;

*Representing and advising diverse entities such as Licensees providing services for mobile telephony, basic telephony along with long distance telecom, internet and other valued added products and services; Commercial Users of diverse Telecomm and Broadcasting services; Entities engaged in different segments of content and carriage aspects of broadcasting; etc.;

*Has experience in Regulatory approvals and compliance including licensing and spectrum allocation, and Trial and Appellate Disputes;

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