Transforming Vision into Value

Issue Management And Valuation


* Valuation Advisory Services-

Business Valuation ( Tangible & Intangible Assets Valuation ) , Acquisition & Investment Valuation ,Valuation of Shares, ESOP Valuation , Valuation & Swap ratio, Tax Valuation, Valuation of Business Segments for Spin - off & Restructuring and Allied services . 

* Issue Management Services -

Public Offer (IPO/FPO) , Right Offer ,Preferential Offer ,Public Offer through Book-Building Process, Buy-Back of shares ,Capital Restructuring ,Public,Private & Preferential offer of Shares ,Bonds etc.

* Strategic management Services -

Implementation of Strategic Issues including Preparation of documents ,submission thereof before various regulatory authorities such as Registrar of Companies ,Regional Director , National Company Law Tribunal etc.

* Profitability Analysis Services -

Comparative Profitability study , SWOT analysis and suggestive measures for enhancing Profitability .Preparation of monthly Profitability statement and other relevant report for Management .

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